Separate collection in Lidi di Comacchio

In Lidi di Comacchio waste collection takes place in different ways depending on the location.

Currently in Porto Garibaldi, Lido Volano and in the Parco del Sole district of Lido degli Scacchi, collection takes place mainly with the door-to-door system, with the support of the Ecostop service.

In the remaining locations the service is in street dumpsters.

For bulky and large quantities of greenery, home-based on-call services are active throughout the territory

For other special waste that, due to size or type, cannot be placed in bags or bins, there are the Comacchio Collection Center and the Ecomobile.




In Lido delle Nazioni, Lido di Pomposa, Lido degli Scacchi, Lido degli Estensi and Lido di Spina the urban waste is still collected in street dumpsters:

Purple bin for the collection of the recyclable dry waste

In the purple bin, waste must be thrown away loose, without any bag.

Boxes, bottles and tin cans must be pressed, in order to save space.

  • Paper and cardboard
  • Plastic packaging
  • Metallic packaging
  • Wood: boxes and small sized wooden objects


Brown bin for the collection of the organic waste

In the brown bin, organic kitchen waste must be thrown away in well-closed biodegradable and compostable bags.

Bin for the collection of mowing and pruning

In this bin, waste must be thrown away loose, without any bag.

  • Mowing
  • Small pruning
  • Branches
  • Pine needles
GREEN CONTAINER for the collection of glass and tin cans

cassonetto e campana raccolta vetro

In these bins ONLY glass and tin cans must be thrown away. All fluids must be drained, but there is no need to remove lids.

Do not abandon panels, demijohns and other rubbish by the bin. It is necessary to request a free on call home collection service to collect bulky glass.


Grey bin for the collection of the non-recyclable waste

In the grey bin, only non-recyclable waste must be thrown away, in a well-closed bag.


CLARA provides on call home collection service, for bulky materials and large amount of green, mowing, branches and other garden waste.

All services must be booked through the toll-free telephone number 800-881133 or through the On-Line Desk.  You will be asked for the customer code, personal details, and address.

N. B.: CLARA is not allowed to collect at home waste, such as batteries and car oils and other hazardous waste. Citizens must contact the municipal collection centers, or the Ecomobile where it operates, in order to dispose of these materials. The dealer/retailer must take back batteries, mineral oils and tires when changing. Just in case of do-it-yourself replacement is it essential to use collection centres or a private waste disposal company.



The collection center is a fenced and controlled area, equipped with containers suitable for the separate collection of large waste or special waste:

  • household appliances (refrigerators and freezers, washing machines, TV, computers, etc. )
  • furniture and bulky wooden
  • equipment and bulky iron
  • items and large glass objects (demijohns, panels)
  • large amount of cardboard
  • mowing, branches and pruning
  • mineral oils and car filters
  • vegetable oils and fats
  • household chemical waste (sprays, paints, solvents, etc.)
  • lead-acid batteries and accumulators
  • neon fluorescent tubes
  • printing processes waste
  • empty batteries
  • expired drugs
  • aggregate
  • tires

Opening days and hours of the Collection Centre


Ecomobile is a traveling collection service of:

  • Small electrical and electronic household appliances
  • Metal cookware
  • Ceramic Household Pots and Household Pottery
  • Printing process waste
  • Neon and low consumption lamps
  • Vegetable oil
  • Paints
  • Solvents
  • Batteries and accumulators
  • Empty batteries
  • Mineral oil
  • Mineral oil and diesel oil filters

The Ecomobile stops at about 17 different points in the territory of Comacchio, from Monday to Saturday. The service is only available for domestic (household) users of the municipality where the vehicle stops.

The user must show the (original or copied) CLARA waste management service invoice to the Ecomobile operator, who will record in the appropriate register name and address of the user and type and amount (by package or volume) of the waste dumped.

N.B.: Ecomobile does not collect bulky materials.



The collection stations, or Ecostop, are mobile structures, placed and manned by an operator on set days and times, useful for delivering paper and cardboard, plastic and cans, organic wet, undifferentiated waste, small household appliances. A CLARA employee will allow the entrance to users in days as stated by schedule.